Elifelet Station

First Metro Line in Israel


2018 -


Tel Aviv


Kolker kolker Epstein


Enzo Appetecchia

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Israel's biggest construction project of the last decades.

The very first metro line of Tel Aviv. The city centre’s main station, Elifelet, is located along a 19th century train line which used to go from Jaffa to Damascus and all the way up to Istanbul.
The new station will feature a roof made of 37 ‘ribs’ made of sail fabric. During the day, the sails allows natural light to pass through to the station below, while during the night, each sail individually lit will create a spectacular canopy of light to act as the station’s main indirect light source, while providing a stunning visual to all of the city’s numerous high risers in the distance.
wireframe_02 Elifelet-render

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