about us

Noa Lev Lighting Design was established in 1994 in Tel Aviv, Israel . It was the first studio in town to explore architectural lighting design as a creative process rather than an engineering one, a discipline not yet recognised in the architecture and design world. Today, we count completed lighting design projects in their hundreds across Israel and internationally.

We developed our knowledge and expertise through the LED revolution, keeping up with the fast pace of changes in styles of architecture and design technology.


Our team

Noa Lev– The founder & owner is the creative force:  “I turned to architectural lightning design after almost 10 years of working as a Lighting Designer at the theatres, as  I realized the impact that light can have in the outside world, the way it can change the way you feel: secure, dramatic, intimate, sexy or elegant. This led me to conceiving permanent projects in public spaces that can influence the landscape, the space, the city…And after all these years I am still in love with LIGHT.”

Tal Heuberger- A child of the digital era, Tal speaks in numbers and thinks in code. He is an expert in dynamic control, 3D video content, projection mapping and interactive media. His vision brings innovation and bridges the gap between architecture and entertainment.

Enzo Appetecchia–  With a 16 year background in events and entertainment technologies, Enzo brings expertise in the latest technological innovations in the fields of LED control, CGI and interactive media, as well as a fresh look on the development of the brand.

 Kim Raz– Light Designer & Projects manager

Tsippi Ziso– Studio Administrator

What We do

The very first step in any project is an idea, a vision. We try to imagine what the experience should be, and how to tell a story from a visual perspective. We analyses the projects’ needs and goals and using light as our tool, we try to tell the narrative of a building or a space.
We always draw inspiration from the surroundings or the history of the space, and we are always considerate in regards to the impact on the environment. Finding the delicate balance between form and function, is what lies at the core of any of our concepts.

Since the beginning of the LED revolution, all the rules have changed. The LED philosophy means intelligent control, smaller, smarter, brighter and more efficient fixtures and light sources. Through LED based systems, buildings are greener and much more energy efficient. (Typically, the LEDs we spec, have a life expectancy of at least 60,000 hours, and must be fully compliant with all of the requirements and regulations for green energy).

In 2013, Noa Lev Lighting Design won the energy efficiency tender for the state of Israel for the Charles Bronfman Auditorium project.

When drafting the initial lighting plans, we pay particular attention to the evaluation of the project as a whole. The evaluation includes the budget, of course, but we prefer the term, as it’s not limited to a set of numbers on a spreadsheet. Our evaluations examine the broader details and include projections for the long term success of the project. Maximizing the budget in the short term is only one goal, but future projections on energy efficiency, sustainability and maintenance costs are what set us apart form our competitors.

After the concept has been defined, we move on to the design stage. This consists in finding the appropriate tools and fixtures to match the goals of the project and the concept’s vision. Through products from some of the best manufactures in the market, we find the right tools to bring our concept to realization. The design process is what brings it all together.

As well as energy efficiency, LED technology offers many advantages in terms of versatility, durability and stability. These aspects open up a lot of possibilities for design and creative processes, previously unavailable.
The use of control systems and communication protocols like Dali, DMX and Artnet, allow for control of many parameters like color, intensity and movement, which create a more dynamic experience.

When designing complex lighting solutions, the first things we take into consideration are sustainability and maintenance issues. With LED lights and control systems thermal regulation, ease of access for maintenance and repair as well as availability and cost of replacement parts are all per-requisites to guarantee the manufacturer’s specifications for product life expectancy, and ultimately, energy efficiency, one of the things we never compromise on.


OT HAITZUV - Design Award
Philharmonic house

First prize for lighting design the Philharmonic House, Tel Aviv.

State Tender for Energy Effiiancy
Philharmonic house

500,000 Shekel returned from light feacher's budget awarded from the state, as being proofed for best energy efficiency.

First prize in Compatition
Lighting the siluate of Jaffa compatition

First Prize- city hall competition for lighting the siluate of Jaffe , the new sky line of thr old city