Poet of the Sea

Expanding the visual horizon of Tel Aviv




Tel Aviv- Yafo


Arad Sharon


Tal Heuberger

Unity of setting, time and plot

The city of Tel Aviv rose from the sea between two ports – the ancient port of Jaffa, and the new, renewed port of Tel Aviv. The coastal strip between them is bustling with life in various activities at all hours of the day and night. It is a place of connection between city and sea, residents and tourists, structure and natural, between the present, past and the definite.
In honor of the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv, the “Poet of the Sea” project offers a fresh look and redefinition of the coastline.
The present promenade, which runs parallel to this coastline, does not bring out the potential for an experiential link to the sea. We propose to the light of the breakwaters, 150 meters long each, which will expand the “visual horizon” to the breakwaters and beyond. This will be done by creating a regular nocturnal spectacle that will involve the lighting up of all seven breakwaters in Tel-Aviv and Jaffa. Such a display will produce a dynamic picture as changes will occur from one minute to the next. Namely, the temporal changes of the diurnal rhythm of the sea- from calm to stormy waters, from sunset to nightfall, will become an integral part of the display.
The “Show of lights” will form a new municipal boundary, one that is defined by light and thereby visible from both the shore and from a bird’s – eye view.