Lighting Design.

Noa Lev is an Architectural Lighting Design Studio based in Tel-Aviv, Israel and Turin, Italy. We use technology to bring spaces to life through dynamic lighting, drawing inspiration from the behaviour of natural light as it alternates between day and night through the seasons.

About Us

Inspired by Natural Light

Natural Light is never static. From the moment the sun rises until it sets, light is constantly changing. No two days are ever exactly the same. In a short space of time, changes seem subtle, almost imperceptible, but over the course of hours, they are very dramatic. This behaviour lies at the essence of our philosophy.

Our Work

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Since Noa Lev Lighting Design was established 24 years ago, we have completed hundreds of projects across Israel and internationally. Our Portfolio includes many large public projects, including Theatres and Concert Halls, Museums, Hospitals, Offices and more recently a Metro Station.

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Occasionally, we publish new projects and interesting blog articles about Lighting Design.

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