Architectural Lighting Design

Light can change the way you feel: secure, dramatic, intimate, sexy or elegant.  
In public spaces it can influence the landscape, the space, the city.
Architectural Lighting Design’s aim is to light out the narrative of the architecture, landscape, and designed spaces.
In 1994 I’ve established my studio in Tel Aviv.  Since then our studio is active in public and private projects,  creating light at the architectural environment and make spaces more exciting and more inviting to all.

Our Projects

Since NOA LEV Lighting Design was established 24 years ago, we have completed hundreds of projects across Israel and the world. Our Portfolio includes many central public projects, like Theatres, Concert Halls, Museums, Hospitals, Offices and recently – a Metro Station, along private residences and landscapes.

Fireflies see the Light

When was the last time you saw a firefly? 

In his short novel “The Survival of the Fireflies”, Pier Paulo Pasolini describes them: “They manage to light and shine, and to flicker for the human being, they show us a new path, a new point of view… on the secret of who we really are…”

Drop Us a Line

We are always open to new ideas and no project is too big or small for us.
Lighting Design is our passion and we have no reservation about sharing our knowledge and expertise.
If you have any questions, technical or creative about lighting design, or you’re looking for advice on how lighting design might benefit your project, please do get in touch, we’ll be happy to assist.
no strings attached!